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Ellie Wiggins

Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

Meet Ellie, a Brit currently travelling the world. Ellie’s main focus in life is to share her passion for yoga and fitness by creating healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits. Ellie a 200 RYT is also qualified in Personal Training and believes yoga and strength training work in perfect harmony. Ellie gained her 200RYT in Bali where she is currently travelling. • Teaching: Online Yoga and Personal Training • Relation with yoga: Actively practicing yoga and Online Teaching • Lives in: Nomad travelling but originally from UK • Spends her free time: in the gym, practicing yoga, exploring new countries • Fun fact: worked in the fashion industry for almost 10 years before turning fitness and yoga into her career!

Malwina Kozlowska

Stretching Instructor

Meet Malwina, a girl full of curiosity. Her mission in life is to promote mindful and safe forms of stretching in the world of yoga and beyond. Malwina is a former gymnast who belonged to Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team. Unfortunately, as a victim of careless stretching herself, she needed to retire from competitive sports. That is why now she is sharing her knowledge about safe and effective forms of stretching for adults. Malwina is certified Stretching Instructor (level I and II) and Myofascial Foam Rolling Trainer. She puts a lot of pressure into strengthening before stretching and that is why her methods are safe. She teaches private and group classes in Gdynia, where she currently lives. Teaching: stretching, stretching for Stiffies, stretching for Masters, Power Stretch, Stretching to splits, contortion classes. Relation with yoga: Actively practicing 🧘🏽‍♀️ Lives in: Gdynia, Poland Originally from: Poland 🇵🇱 Spending her free time: Actively! She loves to learn new things (climbing, cold swimming, trekking) Fun Fact: Her spirit animal is… sloth 🦥

Kalina Kielan

Yoga Teacher

Meet Kalina, a world traveler, whose mission in life is to inspire individuals through yoga to a healthy, balanced, and happy life. Specializing in Vinyasa flow, Kalina a 500 RYT focuses on mindful movement. She gained her education in India, Costa Rica, and continues to deepen her practice in Bali, where she currently lives. Teaching: yoga, yoga for beginners, power yoga, yoga for surfers Relation with yoga: actively practicing and teaching Lives in: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia Originally from: Poland Spending her free time: practicing yoga, surfing, traveling Fun Fact: did not know yoga exists till she was 22 years old!

More courses launching soon

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